Art classes provide many benefits to growing minds. Unfortunately, due to educational budget cuts, more and more arts programs are being cut from public schools. As a homeschool parent, however, you can continue to incorporate the arts into your child’s learning. Here are just a few of the reasons art classes should be a part of every homeschool curriculum. 


It Develops Fine Motor Skills

It is important to help young children develop fine motor skills as they grow. Many art activities like painting, drawing, and molding play-dough will accomplish this goal. It will help enhance their muscle development and gain better control of their movements. 


It Encourages Expression

Kids experience many changes while they grow up. It can be difficult for them to express themselves verbally, and art provides a way to do it in another medium. Give your children some direction during an art lesson but make sure to give them plenty of freedom as well. For example, hand out paper and charcoal but leave the subject up to them. For younger kids, some specific subject ideas will be necessary. Tell them to draw how they’re feeling today, what they like to do for fun, or what they dreamt about last night. These activities will spark creativity in your children and help them say what’s on their mind. 


It Helps Them Learn How to Complete Tasks

Art projects often have a clear beginning, middle, and end. To color a picture, for example, a child needs to gather their materials, color all the shapes, and put everything away when they’re done. Teaching kids how to approach and finish projects will translate into other areas of their life. 


It Teaches Them to Appreciate the World

Use art to get your kids outside and look at the beauty of their environment. Hold a photography class and challenge them to take pictures of their favorite flowers. Pick up leaves from the ground and make leaf rubbings. Use colored pencils to draw the sunset from the backyard. Appreciating nature is an important part of every person’s life and this love will be carried with them to adulthood. 

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