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In addition to running a fabulous community of homeschool and virtual learners here at Home School Facts, our commitment to homeschooling reaches far beyond this.

Did you know we bring additional resources and value-adds to the homeschooling community? Allow us to introduce you to Global Student Network, a provider of the best homeschool curriculum, and International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA), an accredited private online high school.

We are proud to continuously be cited as the “best” in the category of digital and online learning.

  • Global Student Network, an online education and homeschooling curriculum provider, is recognized by homeschool families as offering “engaging curriculum that meets the needs of our children in today’s world of technology,” and as giving students “the flexibility to apply [each student’s] individual learning style at every stage of the program.”
  • IVLA (International Virtual Learning Academy) is a year-round private online school for K-12 students and is available to students in the United States and internationally. IVLA is fully accredited by AdvancEd™ and awards a California State high school diploma through its distance learning programs. IVLA meets and/or exceeds national content standards and offers transcripts and transfer assistance. IVLA was also cited as one of 2015’s “50 Best Online High School Diplomas” by

Best in Class Comments:

Here are some of the responses we received when we asked our students why they are thankful for homeschooling and online learning.

International Virtual Learning Academy – “Best Online School, Best Staff”

  • “One of the many things I am most thankful for is IVLA. Since joining IVLA, my learning disability has gotten a lot better with learning the subjects and just loving learning all around.  I feel like IVLA is an excellent place to go as an online school or homeschool.”
  • From a seventeen year old student born in the U.S. and now living in the Dominican Republic: “Because of IVLA I’m able to continue learning at my own pace, in a curriculum that I’m used to. I don’t have to worry about large crowds of students or noisy classrooms.  So thanks for letting me continuing learning.  I’m looking forward to continuing my education with IVLA for a couple more years and then off to college!”
  • “I am thankful for IVLA because I want to be a successful actor and the only way I could do that is to either home school or online school. My mom and I decided that online school was best and that IVLA was the school.  IVLA gives me more time to spend with family and I can also do school from any spot in the world.  I am also thankful for IVLA’s wonderful staff.  IVLA is the best school ever!”
  • From a student who attended a brick-and-mortar school for ten years before transferring to IVLA: “When the time came for me to join IVLA, I was showered with nothing but acceptance, love, and warmth, all of which made me fall in love with the art of homeschooling.”
  • “I am glad to be a student at IVLA. All around, the school is just amazing and very, very helpful with learning at your own pace.”
  • IVLA has “wonderful and helpful teachers. Without them I wouldn’t love to learn and I would be struggling a lot and wouldn’t have hope that I would graduate high school.”
  • “Most of all, I like that, through homeschooling with IVLA, I am able to spend more time with my family.”
  • “I am grateful for my IVLA teachers, whose patience and understanding inspire me to work hard. I rarely feel overwhelmed, despite the abundance of challenging assignments.”
  • “I feel very welcome in IVLA. I never imagined that high school could be so fun!”
  • “IVLA has changed my life completely. Every act of kindness, every challenge, and every message of encouragement I receive let me know that I have potential.  IVLA is a wonderful example of a place where individuals can find themselves and come closer to their dreams.”
  • “Thank you for everything IVLA, truly the best and most awesome homeschool ever.”


Global Student Network – “Top Curriculum and Service”

  • From a Homeschool parent: “I am thrilled with the curriculum provided by Global Student Network.  I recommend it to anyone who expresses interest in homeschooling.  It is engaging and meets the needs of children in today’s world of technology.  My daughter learns immensely from GSN’s provided curriculum, she is excited about her school work, and discusses the lessons and what she is learning with me on a regular basis.”
  • From a homeschool student using GSN’s Christian-focused curriculum programs: “I like the simplicity of the work here on Global Student Network.  The work is very easy and Christian.  I really like it.  I am glad that I can work at home because kids often tease and make fun of each other and I am glad that I’m homeschooled and not in public school.”
  • From a student: “I am Profoundly Gifted, which means I’m very highly accelerated.”  With GSN programs “I can choose my classes however I want.  Nobody gives an atom whether I want to take three math courses or not.  Nobody gives a quark if I want to take two science classes.  Nobody gives a gluon whether or not I want to study Conjunctive Inference!  Plus, homeschooling’s fun and helps us to be aware of things.  When you know the issues of the world, you will never view things in the same way.”
  • From a 12-year old student using GSN homeschooling programs: “I am thankful for having homeschooling in my life because it helps me stay on track not only in school but in my behavior.  With homeschool you’re not held back you can go ahead you can always find a way to learn.  With my teacher and my mom, we have the power to set a schedule we agree with is helpful.”
  • From a 9-year old student using GSN homeschooling programs: “I love doing school at home because it is more fun.  I also like how I get to stay with my family and do school.  I like learning because I’m getting smarter.  I really like homeschool because even if kids are all around the world they can still do it.”
  • Homeschooling with GSN products “allows for a closer, more detailed observation of problem areas.”
  • Homeschooling with GSN products provides flexibility and “the rate at which a student moves along the learning continuum is a significant factor in determining whether or not a child will come to understand, and be able to apply, concepts and ideas.”

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Global Student Network’s mission is to offer the highest quality online curriculum available to homeschooling families. GSN offers a wide range of online curriculum options. We have over 2000 course offerings including Honors, AP®, World Languages, and Career and Technical Education courses.


International Virtual Learning Academy

IVLA is an accredited online private school that allows students to choose their own educational path while meeting the expectation of a larger future. IVLA provides experiences beyond the traditional classroom; allowing students the freedom to meet their personal goals.

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