With stores putting up back to school supplies and summer on the way out, there may be reluctance to head back to the brick-and-mortar building come August. Whether that apprehension is from you or your kid (or both of you!), it is understandable to look for potential other options. Have either of you considered homeschooling? There is a plethora of reasons why it can work for you and your child this school year!

Talking with Your Child

No matter your kid’s age, they may not be happy at a school for a variety of reasons. These can include lack of extracurricular activities (if you live in a more rural area or if your kid’s school is facing budget cuts), extreme cases of bullying, harder time learning due to behavior or medical capabilities, safety or drug concerns, and more. If your child has not been very thrilled going to school as of late, make sure to have frequent conversations about it, and better understand the reasons why. The reasons may feel like big problems to them but can be easily fixed or get a different viewpoint on them. Or they may be more serious circumstances where going to school may be too stressful for your child. You know your children best, and how they can better apply themselves to excel in their schoolwork. 

Benefits of Homeschooling

If you are new to the concept of homeschooling, it is a great way to continue your child’s education on a pace and learning environment that works for them. They can easily take all their coursework online, and complete the necessary curriculum in a style and pace that better helps them comprehend the information. They can still make their own projects at home and get the same learning experience as their fellow classmates at school. There are plenty of extracurricular activities and sports you can sign your children up for, so they won’t miss out on any of that either! 

Global Student Network is a “one-stop shop” homeschooling resource! They offer all the necessary curriculum and lessons needed specific to your state and child’s learning levels. You can even pick the workload and courses to design a great year’s worth of learning for your child. You and your child can access the curriculum 24/7, offering the best in flexibility! Most of the courses are automatically graded as well, giving your kids instant results to better learn the material and make better use of their time. Now may be the time to enroll your child with in-home learning through Global Student Network!

Katie Kyzivat