Whether you are planning a romantic dinner with your partner or just Netflix and chilling, you will most likely want to involve your children in some activities. They may want to make Valentine’s for you and your partner, or do something special to help celebrate the day. There are some great ways to help them show their love for you and your partner this Valentine’s Day!

Classic Valentine’s

Getting red or pink colored paper and some markers can make your child’s Valentine heartfelt in no time! You can help them stencil out hearts or have them draw it directly on the paper along with their message. You can help them decorate or supply stickers and glitter to let them make their own design. Each parent can help them make a Valentine for the opposing partner, that way it can be more of a surprise for each of you on February 14th

Food Equals Love

If your children want to do more to show their love, helping them cook a great breakfast in bed may be the answer. Since you may be assisting them in the kitchen, it can always be the morning routine’s breakfast for Valentine’s Day instead of delivering the food to your bed. You can help them make pancakes or waffles and shape them into hearts. Or you can all create a goodie or treat for Valentine’s Day, such as a cake, torte, or other sweet chocolatey confection the whole family can enjoy. Whatever your children love to cook, you can help them make it and give it a great Valentine’s Day theme, whether it’s adding red food coloring or making it heart-shaped. Food is always cooked with love!

Decorating the Home

Your children may want to go all out for Valentine’s Day, making hearts and other decorations for your home. Getting plenty of construction paper and decorating supplies are going to be your best laid plans. The type of decoration is of course up to you and your children, but there are plenty of ways to deck out your home proper. You can make hearts out of paper plates, colored paper, Play Doh, strawberries, yarn, the sky’s the limit! Depending on your artistic abilities, you can even make a heart wreath! The depth and intricacy of the heart wreath is completely up to you; you can make more or less elaborate hearts and glue them together into the wreath shape. 

Keeping your children involved for Valentine’s Day is entirely up to you and how excited they are in being part of it. Not everyone celebrates or does something special for Valentine’s Day, so don’t feel bad if you’re only getting involved in the holiday just for your kids.  

  Katie Kyzivat


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