Nothing makes the first few weeks (or let’s be honest, the first few months) of back-to-school more difficult than disorganization. Since it’s a whole new routine and schedule, everyone is thrown off by having to get so much ready and prepped in a day or a morning. If you feel like your mornings are frazzled, there may be some tips and tricks to utilize in order to switch your mornings to serene. 

Backpack Packed!

Kids will inevitably always come home with homework. Ensure they and you stay organized by having them put their textbooks and notebooks right back into their backpack when done. With their homework out of the way, they already have their books packed and ready to go. For an added bonus, have your children place them by the front door or nearby so they’re ready to grab in the morning. If you don’t have a good space by the door, pick a universal spot that they can all use for their shoes and backpacks so there’s no scrambling in the morning. 

Lunch Prepped!

If you don’t already, prepping your kids (and even your own!) lunches the night before to save a bunch of time on your morning routine. Enlist the help of your kids in making their own and assisting if need be. To stay extra organized, you can even set aside an area or shelf of your fridge for your kids’ lunches so they’ll always know where to reach them in the morning.  

Outfit Prepped!

If you have a fashionista at home, this may be harder to follow than the other organizing tools mentioned. But a lot can be said for prepping outfits the night before as well. Your kids can select what they feel like wearing the night before, and could change it if the weather becomes worse, but otherwise they are ready to go! Having hooks or a coat rack by their shoes and backpacks for coats can also make the school rush easier and faster in the morning. 

Stay Organized

Sometimes difficult to stay on top of, we know, but keeping your home organized from the get-go can make any routine easier overall. When you have multiple children at home and also have to work, cook, and clean, keeping things tidy is definitely going to be at the end of that list. But periodic cleanings and decluttering when you’re able can keep your home more organized in general, helping to make the morning rush more peaceful.

Katie Kyzivat