Perhaps you have a deep closet heavily laden with books and school tools you used during the early years when your older ones were still struggling with pencil grips, the order of the months of the year, and the difference between b and d. The oversized counting blocks, the overflowing box of colorful bears, and the overused crayon nubs all wait patiently in labeled bins in the back of storage. Maybe you saved those precious things that seem to take up so much space hoping that one day you will use them when the baby gets bigger.

The time will come.

When I packed these things away 3 or 4 years ago, it seemed so far into the future that they could get more use. Was it even worth keeping? Is it safe to assume that these things will be effective and interesting to another child? Maybe there is another family that could use these instead of boxing them up and giving them dominion over my limited storage space? Will I remember what I have?

The time came fast.

My family has finally rounded the corner and are ready to repeat the early elementary years with the youngest. We are (ahem…I am) excited to head into first grade again with a greater sense of confidence and knowledge than I did 8 years ago with my first two learners. I can’t be swayed by the flashy books that do snazzy tricks (usually). I can’t be wooed by the toys and games that promise to get your kid into an Ivy-League school. I won’t be bothered by the flimsy tools since there is no way they will withstand my miniature acrobat of a child. Needless to say, I am excited for elementary school again.

The time will come again.

We are launching into the high days of summer around here, and as much as I want to unpack the deep closet full of learning treasures, I am forcing myself to be present in the moment we are living right now. I am withholding the impending exploration into the deep until we are fully rested and enjoyed the celebration of finishing our school year. My little learning lovelies have waited this long, they can wait a little longer. And, I am also excited about my familiarity with all things about elementary school and coming full circle with the use of my stash…the ultimate homeschool excitement!

So, it’s your turn. Do you keep past supplies in hopes that they will be used again in the future? What is your storage space like? Do you force yourself to pause in between learning years and drink deeply of rest before beginning again?

Lindsay Banton is a caffeinated mother to three great kids. She never expected to homeschool, but has found that it is a wonderful addition to their lifestyle and wouldn’t change it for the world. In addition to homeschooling, Lindsay works alongside her husband in campus ministry at a large university in Connecticut. She grew up in Virginia but has settled into life in New England, learning to love the long winters, cool springs, green summers and gorgeous autumns- and has built a boot collection to meet all the demands. She is currently blogging at

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