There’s no doubt that every parent strives to get the gift-giving just right every holiday season. But each successive year it can get trickier and trickier in finding something that’s staying relevant in such a fast-paced world! Although we won’t give you specific toys for purchase, we will go over some of the fun and exciting ways you can gift the best toy or experience for your children this year!

Learning Toys

When your children are young enough, it can sometimes be easier to find the right toys. Cell phones rule the roost in most kid’s wish lists, but when your children are still too young for them, you’ve got other options. Finding fun interactive toys that also help your child learn are always a good go-to. Bright lights and noises are almost always a sure-fire way to keep your child’s interest. You can go the extra mile and find toys that look like certain things they’re grabbing for now, such as keys, cell phones, foods, and more. They may feel a closer attachment to the toy if it’s something they already recognize. 

Gadgets Galore!

If your kid is a little older, their first gift selection is most likely going to revolve around tech. Cell phones, tablets, and gaming consoles are most likely going to top the charts for the most wanted gift. If you’re hoping to spend less overall, one way to bypass this is to simply beef up what they already have. If they want a newer cell phone, that may be too much but you can get them gift cards to add additional music, games, and more to their phone. This can add a little more “life” to their phones and give you a chance to save up for that new phone. If they want a new gaming console but moths are exiting your wallet, purchasing a game or two for them can make up the difference! Again, if they are saying what games they want, you can make the purchase sneakily and surprise them! If they’re less expensive indie games they want, or aren’t specifically saying what they want game-wise, you can always purchase a gift card so they can buy it. 

 An Experience

If you are stumped on what to get your children this year, how about a quick trip or vacation? Even a weekend away or a day trip to some place they really like is a nice way to spend time together. You can visit landmarks, spend a day shopping, a day at the beach, or at a nearby state your children have wanted to see.

Katie Kyzivat