It may sound simple in theory, but teaching your child to do anything that almost comes naturally can be more difficult than you realize. If your child is itching to learn how to ride their bike, there’s a few key pieces to remember in order to make it fun and successful. 

Patience, Patience, Patience

It goes without saying that for most parents, you’re going to need a lot of patience when training your kid to ride. Whether they are taking the training wheels off and going on only two wheels, or are starting completely from beginner level, you’ll need patience. Staying level-headed will not only make it easy for you, it’ll also keep your child calm too. Make sure to devote enough time for the process as well, since it can take a while and you also don’t want to feel rushed. Give yourself at least a few hours as it might take a while for the learning curve, and if your child gets it, you’ll want to be able to ride with them or at least make sure their good before giving them time to continue riding.  

Learning Curves

Every person learns differently, and how your child catches onto riding a bike may vary from how you caught on when you were little. As you begin to explain what they should do, take notice of how they’re comprehending the information and how they’re catching on. This can help you talk them through the process much easier and make it more comfortable for both of you. Your child may vary in how they learn and how they decide to ride the bike as well. Don’t become too pushy on the methods unless it appears your child needs the guidance. Instead, try to explain how to ride and allow them to figure out the mechanics and what feels comfortable on their own. They may struggle trying to ride the bike exactly how you told them to, but may be able to fly down the road when doing it their own way. 

Let Go

And when your child is finally ready to push off and pedal on their own, you’ll also have to let go. It can be difficult seeing your child grow up so quickly right before your eyes, but it’s important to let them mature and grow up when they’re ready. Something as simple as riding a bike may make you realize how the time goes by! But celebrate the big and small moments as often as you can, and your child will be flying by on their bike in no time! 

Katie Kyzivat