Are you looking for an interactive activity that you can do with your kids this summer? Smash books are a great way to stimulate creativity, save money, and promote mindfulness for both you and your young ones. Smash books also serve as a memory keepsake for all of your family’s summer adventures.


Fosters Creativity 

The sky’s the limit! There are no rules or plans when it comes to your smash book. Grab a journal and write, draw, color, or decorate whatever you feel in that moment. The end result is a collection of all of your thoughts and memories. 

Cost Efficient 

Smash books provide a cost-efficient way to memorialize your summer, without having to purchase an album or fancy album paper. Each year, we find ourselves purchasing new school supplies for our kids. If you’re anything like me, you have a bin full of old markers and stickers that have been collected throughout the years. This is the perfect opportunity to get those old supplies to good use! 

Promotes Mindfulness 

Journaling is a great tool for promoting mindfulness. Putting a pen to paper is one of the easiest and simplest ways to identify our thoughts, fears, and worries. Summer vacation provides our kids the time to spend their days splashing around in the pool and having weekday sleepovers with their friends. This free time is a way to destress after the school year for many kids. However, many children and adults also struggle with their mental health when given too much time to wind down and relax. Kids are spending hours a day on social media, which has had a noticeable negative impact on children’s self-esteem and confidence. It’s important that we as parents, try to fill their time with activities that will promote rather than degrade their mental health. Creating a smash book is a great way to do this, for both you and your kids!  

What are you waiting for? Go start smashing!

Hannah Shevitz


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