Northern Mariana Islands Homeschool Laws

northern mariana islands homeschool lawsThe Administrative Code of the Northern Mariana Islands, Title 60, Section 20-535, states that “Home study programs must meet Commonwealth curriculum and performance standards and the following provisions will apply for all approved home study programs:

  • Application – An application for home study shall be submitted to the Commissioner no later than sixty days prior to the beginning of a school year. No one will be excused from attending a public or nonpublic school unless the Commissioner has granted a waiver.  The following information must accompany the application:
  • Name, address and telephone number of parents and student or tutor;
  • Justification for the home study program;
  • Auspices under which the home study will operate and curriculum that will be taught;
  • Description and qualification of parent-instructor or tutor and, for any hired tutor, police clearance for the past three years;
  • Dates and hours of instruction;
  • Negative active tuberculosis records for any hired tutor; and
  • Any other pertinent and necessary information as requested by the Commissioner of Education.”

Limitations related to home study in the Northern Mariana Islands include:

  • A waiver is granted for home study based on meeting the requirements of the Commissioner and relevant Administrative Code.
  • Parents/guardians must report in writing to the Commissioner on any change in the home study program within five days.
  • The term of a home study is for one school year. The Commissioner may, however, suspend or revoke the waiver if the holder violates the terms of the application or relevant Administrative Code.

According to the Northern Mariana Islands Administrative Code, “A chartered home study program shall keep adequate records for the student containing persons in attendance, goals and such information as required by the Commissioner.  Records of courses taken shall be transferred at the end of the school year to a school where the student would otherwise be attending and shall be kept on file there for at least five years.”

Other requirements:

  • The parent/guardian must submit student progress reports to the Commissioner on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  • “A chartered home study program shall provide 300 minutes of secular instruction daily. It shall be in operation for 180 instructional days in a year.”
  • The PSS [public school system] shall monitor the home study program to ensure compliance with its application” and relevant sections of the Administrative Code.

CNMI Admin. Code Section 6020-535(f)(2) states that no educational requirements apply to parents of students but that “Mentors of a home study program shall meet the qualifications stipulated by Board policies.”  Failure to comply and maintain the standards and conditions required by the Commission and the relevant sections of Administrative Code will be considered to be “reason for suspension or revocation of the [public school attendance] waiver.”

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