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hawaiiHawaii Homeschool Law/State Code – In Hawaii, “Home schooling” means a viable educational option where a parent instructs the parent’s own child. Requirements for home schooling in Hawaii are listed in detail in Hawaii Revised Statutes, as noted below.

  • 8-12-1 Purpose. The department has a legitimate interest in and the responsibility for the appropriate education of all school age children in the State of Hawaii. It is the purpose of this chapter to implement the compulsory attendance exceptions of §302A-1132, Hawaii Revised Statutes. Implementing the compulsory attendance law is not intended to violate the rights and convictions of parents to home school or otherwise except their child from compulsory attendance. Finally, home schooling is not considered a school initiated educational alternative and is not to be used by a school as a means for releasing students with behavior or disciplinary problems or students lacking credits to graduate from the local public school. [Eff. 11/7/91; am and comp 5/13/00] (Auth: HRS §§302A-1112, 302A-1132) (Imp: HRS §302A-1132)  (http://boe.hawaii.gov/policies/AdminRules/Pages/AdminRule12.aspx#8-12-1

Compulsory Attendance Requirement – Child must be enrolled in school if he or she is 5 years old on or before July 31 of the current school year.  Child is no longer required to attend school if he or she will be 18 years old before January 1.

Number of Classroom Hours Required – As per National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) 2018 report, public school attendance requirements for Hawaii are: 180 days comprised of 1,080 classroom hours.  (Unless otherwise noted, home school requirements are either the same OR are not specified by this state.)  

State Mandated Subjects – State does not mandate subjects to be studied, but subject areas to be covered in the planned curriculum include: 

(A) An elementary school curriculum may include the areas of language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, art, music, health and physical education to be offered at the appropriate development stage of the child;

(B) A secondary school curriculum may include the subject areas of social studies, English, mathematics, science, health, physical education and guidance.

Assessment Requirements§8-12-18 Testing and progress reports of home-schooled children. Test scores shall be required for grades identified in the Statewide Testing Program, grades three, five, eight, and ten. A child is eligible to participate in the Statewide Testing Program at the local public school. The parent is responsible for securing necessary details from the principal of the local public school. The parent may elect to arrange for private testing at the parent’s own expense. The tests used shall be comparable to the appropriate criterion or norm-referenced tests used by the department in the grades concerned. The parent may request, and the principal may approve, other means of evaluation to meet the Statewide Testing Program requirements. (http://boe.hawaii.gov/policies/AdminRules/Pages/AdminRule12.aspx#8-12-13

Immunization Requirements – No immunization requirements for home schools

Parental Responsibilities

Notification Required When Homeschool Established? – §8-12-13 Notification of intent to home school. (a) The     parent shall provide the local public school principal with a notice of intent to home educate the child before     initiating home schooling. The purpose of notification is to allow the department, upon request of the parent, to     assist in the educational efforts. (http://boe.hawaii.gov/policies/AdminRules/Pages/AdminRule12.aspx#8-12-13

Record Keeping Requirements?  – §8-12-15 Record of curriculum. The parent submitting a notice of intent to     home school shall keep a record of the planned curriculum for the child. The curriculum shall be structured and     based on educational objectives as well as the needs of the child, be cumulative and sequential, provide a range    of up-to-date knowledge and needed skills, and take into account the interests, needs and abilities of the child.                                            ( http://boe.hawaii.gov/policies/AdminRules/Pages/AdminRule12.aspx#8-12-13


 Reporting Requirements?The parent shall submit to the principal an annual report of a child’s progress. One   of the following methods shall be used to demonstrate satisfactory progress     (http://boe.hawaii.gov/policies/AdminRules/Pages/AdminRule12.aspx#8-12-13) :

    (1) A score on a nationally-normed standardized achievement test which demonstrates grade level achievement     appropriate to a child’s age;

    (2) Progress on a nationally-normed standardized achievement test that is equivalent to one grade level per     calendar year, even if the overall achievement falls short of grade level standards;

    (3) A written evaluation by a person certified to teach in the State of Hawaii that a child demonstrates     appropriate grade level achievement or significant annual advancement commensurate with a child’s abilities;     or

    (4) A written evaluation by the parent which shall include:

    (A) A description of the child’s progress in each subject area included in the child’s curriculum;

    (B) Representative samples of the child’s work; and

    (C) Representative tests and assignments including grades for courses if grades are given.

Teacher Certification Required?§8-12-19 Instructional personnel of home-schooled children. A parent     teaching the parent’s child at home shall be deemed a qualified instructor. [Eff. 11/7/91; comp 5/13/00] (Auth:     HRS §§302A-1112, 302A-1132) (Imp: HRS §302A-1132)     (http://boe.hawaii.gov/policies/AdminRules/Pages/AdminRule12.aspx#8-12-13


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Updated: November 2020

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