Alabama Homeschool State Laws


Alabama Homeschool Law/State Code – The 2018 Code of Alabama, Section 18, Education Law, does not include specific homeschool education laws. For complete information about Alabama homeschooling, visit:    ( )

Compulsory Attendance Requirement – Alabama children aged 6 to 17 are required to attend school.  Children who are age 6 are not required to enroll until age 7 if the parent of the child opts out by written notification to the school board saying their child will not enroll until age 7.  

Number of Classroom Hours Required – Church schools and private schools are not required to conform to a specified number of classroom hours.

State Mandated Subjects – Alabama does not mandate a required list of core subjects for non-public schools.

Assessment Requirements – Alabama education law does not require the administration of standardized tests for homeschoolers. 

Immunization Requirements – Only Option 2/Private School (below), is subject to immunization requirements.

Homeschool Options Alabama offers three homeschool options:

  1. Alabama Church School – The school handles all record-keeping details.
  2. Set up a private, non-public school – Since 2014, Alabama has offered parents this option, which has fewer regulations than previously offered options. 
  3. Employ a certified state tutor – or become a certified tutor yourself (contact your local school district to learn about how to become a certified tutor). 

Parental Responsibilities – 

School Withdrawal Process – If your child is already enrolled in a public school, inquire as to what you must do to officially withdraw the child from school.

Homeschool Notification – Alabama requires that a private school enrollment form be sent to the local county or city superintendent of schools.

Record-Keeping Requirements- Attendance reporting and student progress portfolios recommended but not required.

Teacher Certification – Alabama has no required education qualifications for homeschool teachers other than Option 3: hire or become a certified tutor.


If you’re interested in more information about your state’s homeschool laws, contact:, and your inquiry will be answered via email within 24 hours. For details about graduation requirements in your area, contact your nearest school district office.


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Updated November 2020

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