More and more parents are wanting their children to receive an education different than what the public school system offers. Homeschooling may seem daunting to some parents, but it could very well be the best decision for your family. Here are three clear signs that you should homeschool your kids. 


Your Family Needs More Flexibility

Does your family have a hard time keeping up with commitments like sports, music lessons, volunteering, and church? Do you wish you could travel more or do things together on weekdays? Would your child like to have a job but you are afraid they’ll lose out on valuable free time and sleep? If the schedule of public school is causing more chaos in your life than order, it may be time to consider homeschooling. 

When you homeschool your kids, you control their schedule. That means you can take a break from classes to run to extracurricular activities or get some errands done. Your child can get a job and work in the mornings or afternoons instead of the evenings. You can even schedule classes for later in the day to make sure your child gets enough sleep at night. 


You Enjoy Being Involved in Your Child’s Education

If you like helping your child learn, why not homeschool them? Homeschooling allows you to become the teacher and personally guide your child through their learning process. This can be especially useful if your child learns at a different pace than most public schools teach. And what is more fulfilling than actively watching your child grow and learn? 


Your Child is Struggling in School

This can apply academically and otherwise. Maybe your child is falling behind in their school’s curriculum or getting bored because the pace is too slow. Or perhaps they are having a hard time making friends or even being bullied. If your child seems to bring home stress and worry every day, that place probably isn’t the best fit. While homeschooling, you can still give them all the necessary skills they need to succeed in life without subjecting them to unpleasant experiences. 

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