Growing up in a digital world, it can be difficult sometimes for kids to appreciate flowers, plants, and all things green. But that doesn’t mean they can’t experience the wonders of the natural world!


There are many ways of teaching and showing your children the joys of trees, plants, and more. If your child enjoys reading, you can take a more direct, educational approach by visiting your local library and taking out some books on botany and general plant life. The library may even offer some classes and activities for aspiring gardeners! 


For a little more hands-on experience, you can take your children out and about to experience nature. Visiting botanic gardens are a great way to just simply walk around and enjoy the scenery. There are acres and acres of land simply showcasing the wonders of plants, flowers, foliage, and more. Your older children may enjoy this more, but it’s still accessible and beautiful for children of any age. Most botanic gardens stand alone, and can be larger or smaller. Some may also be attached to a zoo or aquarium, adding another area of nature to the mix. 


If your kids want to experience the soil between their fingernails, then it’s time to start planting! Have your child help you pick out what to plant, and what kind of planters to use. Show them how to properly plant a seed by going down about an inch into the soil, covering the seed, and watering the soil. Let them know how much water to use, and knowing when it’s time to water it again. This is a great way for kids to watch things grow, whether they’re going to be able to eat the end product or simply admire it. If they really have a green thumb and knack for gardening, there’s more than just the backyard for opportunities. You can look up gardening groups or clubs in your area, and see if there are any age limits and what their meeting schedule is like. 

You can introduce a whole new world to your children! Whether you grow some flowers, vegetables, fruits, or a take care of a cactus, your children will be able to see what goes into the intricacies of growth, nature, and life. 

Katie Kyzivat

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