We all know that summer is the season for parties, whether they are pool-side, near a grill, at the park, or at a friend’s, there is no shortage of a summer time splash. If you have a party planned for the big July 4th weekend or simply want to plan a few parties while summer is still around, it can be a fun way to get your kids involved with the party planning!

Get Organized

For kids young and old, party planning can be a fun time to think up some ideas of their own, or simply being the muscle in putting up decorations and setting up extra tables in the backyard. Whatever your children want to do to help, utilize it and even make teams if you want! There can be the more organizational team of kids and the more physical and setup team of kids who can work together to help you get everything clean, setup, and fabulous before the guests arrive. 

For the organizational team, have them help you figure out all the supplies you will need: plates, utensils, cups, straws, and all the food you will need. Everyone can help with the recipes and what food to make, but they can also help you write the grocery list to ensure nothing is missed before the meal prep begins. The setup team can help early on in the process by counting up any extra chairs in the house, and digging out the patio furniture and extra tables so you know how many can sit and enjoy at the party. 

Prep Work

For the days leading up to the big party, your kids can help prep any food dishes that can be made ahead of time, such as macaroni salads or casseroles. They can help lug in all those cans and bottles of water and soda, and prep all the coolers by getting them cleaned up and ready to fill. The decorating crew can start putting up decorations if there are any! And your older children can help move around furniture to make room for the guests, both indoors and outdoors. 

And on the same day as the party, give your kids clear directions on what needs to get done before people start arriving, and even what time they should start. Your kids can help with any prep in the kitchen that is age-appropriate, then move onto the other tasks at hand, such as setting out the plates, napkins, and cups, putting out tablecloths and any games you may have going on in the backyard. 

Giving your children something to do before a big party can help free you up and help them stay busy!

Katie Kyzivat