You may think about your children potentially acting up in class or having a hard time focusing on some subjects, but there are a lot of parents that hardly ever think of suspensions or expulsions. And it is with good reason, as parents strive to teach their kids how to behave and be respectful. Most children listen to their parents, too, but of course we all remember being a little rowdy in our school days as well. But there may be bigger problems for your children down the road.

Stricter Policies

In some schools, however, there can be serious repercussions for some pretty small behaviors, so it is always a good idea to talk to your kids on a regular basis to make sure they are behaving themselves! Nobody wants to make their child feel like they can not be themselves while on school grounds, but simply explaining the rules and making sure they understand this cannot hurt in the long run. Younger children may have a harder time explaining these rules so it is always a good idea to remind them more often as well. 

Many schools have enacted zero-tolerance policies as a means to keep children safe. Since the start of school shootings, schools came up with these policies to try to deter any form of weapon or misconduct from happening inside the school walls. And although the policies are in place to keep children and teachers safe, they can come at a cost. Some zero-tolerance policies prohibit scissors and nail clippers from being on school grounds, and having these items can be grounds for suspension. But if your child simply forgets to take their scissors out of their backpack one day, they can be in serious trouble if the school sees these items. 

Bad Behavior

The zero-tolerance policies can of course also apply to misconduct as well, which can be a little more of a gray area depending on the offense. There can be some instances of extreme bullying or violence among the students that should lead to a suspension or expulsion of the student(s). There can also be relatively minor offences that may still be treated as a huge offense, though, and can result in suspensions if your child participates in these as well.  

Make sure you are talking with your children and your school to ensure you are aware of their policies and that your children are following them. Nobody wants to be put in a situation where suspension or expulsion has to be carried out for a minor offense, so be sure to do your own homework!

Katie Kyzivat