No matter how skilled you are at being a homeschool parent, you may run into issues with your child being unable to comprehend some of their lessons. It may be a particular subject or even an entire year. If your child could use some extra help in class, you may want to think about hiring a private tutor. Here are a few reasons to consider it.


Additional Time for Yourself

Homeschool parents are masters at time management. But if you have multiple children or a job, it can feel overwhelming trying to get everything done in the day. Hiring a tutor to come to your home a few times a week will free up several hours that you can use to clean, make dinner, or get other tasks done. Some tutors can double as babysitters or nannies, which means you can get out and run errands by yourself.

Help With Tricky Subjects

Everyone struggles with certain academic subjects, even as adults. Maybe math isn’t your forte or you have a hard time getting into geography. Hiring a tutor can help fill these weak spots in your child’s learning process and make sure they get a well-rounded experience.


Help Out Community Members

Tutoring looks great on college applications. You probably know some high schoolers in your community who are looking for community service opportunities. Your child can get some extra help while they vamp their applications. Some high schoolers are even willing to tutor for free.

Insights About Your Child’s Mind

Your child will probably talk to a tutor differently than they talk to you. Sometimes children have a hard time being honest about their weaknesses to parents. They may open up to a tutor, who can then pass the information along to you. A child may also be more open about what they like and don’t like to a tutor, which can help you personalize their learning process in the future.


Affordable & Convenient

A private tutor doesn’t have to break the bank. There are some very affordable options available, and you can supplement your child’s learning as frequently or infrequently as you would like.

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