Summer is in full swing and whether you planned a great day trip or were ready to make plans, a rainy day can hamper almost anything. If your kids were looking forward to doing something fun outside, don’t disappoint and turn to one of these fun, indoor activities instead!

For Active Kids

There are many play activities that can keep your younger children preoccupied. The classics still remain fun to play even to this day, including Hide & Seek, Tag, and Duck, Duck, Goose. You can even switch up the games slightly, like in Tag, to make it actually count, the person has to tag someone on the back, otherwise it will not count. You can let your kids build a fort in different rooms of the house, which will keep them entertained for hours! 

If your kids are at that age where they are noticing fashion and doing things on their own, you can hold a fashion show! Let them pick out different outfits from their closets (and even yours!) to create their own next trend. Then they can strut down the stairs or through the living room to show them all off! Or if your children love making a scene, let them re-enact their favorite movie or try to create their own! Sit back with some popcorn or a cup of tea and watch your dramatic children put on a show!

For Mental Stimulation

If your kids are more reserved or more of a bookworm, a rainy day is a blessing in disguise! There is always reading a good book, whether it is reading it together as a family for some together time, or everyone choosing their own book and finding a cozy corner. You can also play card games and invite other kids to make it a party. Or even invite a few adults and have a kids’ game night and your own adult game table in another room. You can also grab a puzzle and all work on the same one, or have a puzzle contest, where you each have a smaller puzzle (or large if you are so bold!) and it is a race to see who completes theirs the fastest!

You can also break out the crayons, markers, paper, and more to let your child go to town drawing! They can even make a mural of their summer time activities so far. Grab a long sheet of craft paper and let them create a little timeline or mural of all the things they have done this summer, and they can keep going back to it even when the rain has disappeared!

Katie Kyzivat