You probably didn’t wake up one morning and think to yourself, “I must teach my kids to quilt!” Or even have the knowledge of how to quilt yourself! But there’s something to be said about crafting and other activities that involve hands-on work, especially when teaching your kids something new. 

Making Something Physical

It seems like everything involves some type of app or online access; even purely digital clothing exists in the Tik Tok world! It’s always a good idea to then incorporate more physical objects and activities into your children’s lives. Of course, we all know technology is the wave of the future, but something can be said for being able to sew your own clothes, or work on your own car. It’s nice to give your children the opportunity to try different hobbies and activities that involve physical objects so they can express their creativity without the use of their phones!  

In the Family

If you happen to not know the first thing about quilting, that’s perfectly fine too! You may know how to sew or do other hobbies that you can teach your kids. Most people who form a hobby around quilting usually don’t randomly select it, either. Many family members most likely quilt and then kid’s grow up loving their handmade quilts and learning more about the process through their relatives. If you have a family member that would be interested in teaching your kids, even better! And if you’ve been wanting to learn how to quilt or to learn a new hobby in general, now’s your chance! Having a buddy to learn with is a great way to stay consistent in learning and actively keeping up with the hobby too. 

Even if you decide you’re not a fan but your kids love it, be that support system for them! Help them select the right pieces for certain styles and shapes, and take them to fabric stores to restock. There are many quilting shows and contests open to the public that your kids can enter. And even if they don’t want to enter, it’s still a great time being able to see so many different quilts by many different hands!

Happy Quilting!

Quilting is a great way to pass time, pick up a new hobby (that doesn’t involve a screen!) and can oftentimes be a great gift for friends and family. You never know, you and your children may realize you love it!  

Katie Kyzivat


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