Whether your on the road a lot or your students enjoy using their devices for learning, there are some wonderful podcasts available to add to our learning. The limits are seemingly endless as far as what’s available for all ages. For this list, I will concentrate on the middle grades, since that is where my big kids are at the moment.

Brain’s On is produced by American Public Media and focuses on topics related to science. My kids enjoy that they include a different kid co-host for each episode. If you are familiar with American Public media productions for adults, it has a very similar feel. The episodes move along quickly. One of the recent episodes we listened to was about snot. What kid doesn’t want to learn more about snot?

Sparkle Stories Podcast offers a free version or a paid subscription. This podcast is basically a unique story each time, and often includes a recipe, crafts or other activities. The stories are engaging and creative and will be interesting to both the middle-grade kids as well as their younger siblings. Their site is www.sparklestories.com

Story Pirates is what happens when real actors get mashed up with stories for kids and are willing to host live events. During episodes on Story Pirates, actors tell fantastic stories and engage the audience easily. My kids enjoy these stories a lot. In addition to the podcast, Story Pirates provide a platform on their website to upload and share stories, meet the actors, check out live event schedules or enjoy other fun activity ideas. You can check them out at www.storypirates.com

Hauger History Podcast offers topics regarding….you guessed it…historical events or people that our middle-grade kids are learning about during the school day. As a homeschool mom, I love finding other people reinforcing the concepts we discuss around the school table. My kids and I often end up talking different points of view or perspectives about these topics while driving. Their website lists they have 86 different episodes, and, I think you can listen to any of them either from your podcast-listening app on any device or by simply going to their website and pushing play. Their website is www.hauderhistory.podbean.com

The Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified is what happens when Ms.Frizzle makes her own podcast, in my opinion. In each story, Eleanor goes somewhere new and discovers new things. She can be anywhere from someone deep in space to walking around the halls of a federal building. This podcast is a production of WHYY in Philadelphia, so expect quality episodes. You can subscribe to have the podcasts automatically uploaded to your device or just go to the www.whyy.org website to select and listen to the episode you wish.

Podcasts are such a great way to make a boring drive go by faster or to use as motivation to go on a walk or run. The devices our kids have (or want to have) can be a useful learning tool, so let’s load them up with good stuff to fill their minds. What ways have you found to use podcasts in your homeschool? What good ones are you listening to?

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