A great advantage to homeschooling is the wonderful blessing – and challenge! – of tailoring educational experiences and opportunities to individual students. Student success and confidence gained by personalized learning are well worth the labor-extensive endeavor.

But does it have to be labor-intensive? Not if the homeschool parent has the right tools.

Online Curriculum – an Ideal Tool for Personalized Learning

Online curriculum is able to efficiently assess a student’s current knowledge and customize lessons and activities accordingly. Web-based learning is effective because it is:

  • Self-paced learning – Students have an individualized learning path and work at their own pace to complete daily goals and learning objectives. Once the student is able to demonstrate that they have mastered a skill set, they are free to move on to the next goal or receive additional help, if needed.
  • Engaging – Multimedia presentations and an interactive platform keep students motivated.
  • Flexible – Families can determine when and where students learn.
  • User-friendly – Students easily navigate the courseware and parents can easily monitor student progress.

Global Student Network Has Many Personalized Learning Options to Choose From

Global Student Network (GSN), a provider of state-of-the-art online educational tools since 2004, provides a wide variety of personalized learning tools that can be utilized as an alternative to “one-size-fits-all” instructional approaches.  GSN’s selection of digital technology options gives homeschool families the opportunity to create personalized learning paths for each student.

GSN offers a variety of learning resources – with a wide range of digital lesson plans and instructional tools in multiple formats – all designed to increase student engagement and motivation.  Through the use of one or more of GSN’s eight (8) complete K-12 learning packages, parents are able to leverage digital technology to create the right individual approach for each learner.

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