Before you know it, the sun will be going down earlier and earlier, and you’ll want to fully enjoy those chilly evenings and afternoons with the family before the holidays really get into full swing. No matter what climate you live in, there are plenty of activities you can do outside all winter long!

Building Snowmen

What better way to embrace winter than bearing the cold to build an old-fashioned snowman? Make sure to bundle up your children so they will stay nice and toasty while playing in the snow! You can make the snowmen as big or as small as you want, and help your children stack up each section. You can decorate them however you want to, using the traditional carrot for a nose and coal for the eyes if you really want to go all out! If you really want to get zany, you can have your snowmen fighting, or hugging, or lounging on a chair!

Even if you’re not in a snowy climate, you can still build a “snowman”! You can use anything from the house to build a mock-snowmen, such as fruit, varying sizes of buckets, sports balls, and more. You may need some tape or string to make sure they stay together. You can display them outdoors or inside for a little while to admire your handy work!

Ice Skating

Again, being in a colder climate may allow you more ease in being able to ice skate frequently. There may be outdoor arenas as well for skating, or if you don’t want to get too chilly you can move indoors. Ice skating is a great way to spend some time with your children while they may also learn a new skill. And don’t forget to end the event with some hot cocoa!


Some evenings into nights may become too cold, but with the evenings getting darker quicker, you can take advantage no matter what! Whether in your own backyard or at a friend’s or neighbor’s, having a few bonfires during winter gets you out into the chilly air without too much impact. You can talk about growing up with your kids, telling holiday or spooky tales, or play games while sitting in front of the warm fire. And don’t forget to bring the supplies to make s’mores or for roasting anything!

No matter how cold it gets this winter, you’ll be prepared to enjoy the cool nights with one (or all!) of these fun outdoor activities!

Katie Kyzivat

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