Are you a busy parent? Who is now being face with homeschooling your child? Are you wondering how you will be able to with all the things you have going on? A schedule is something that you should consider and is something that will be a benefit to you and your child. Forming the right homeschool class schedule is something you should consider when you’re a busy parent, schedule the homeschool classes around time’s that you’re not working. For example, if you work a 9-5 job, schedule the classes around a time you would get home. You can have a 6 pm class, your child who was free around the time you were working will be ready to learn by the time you get home. Of course, you’ll be a little tired as well, take small breaks between each lesson with your child. Do little productive work out that keeps you up and ready to get into the next lesson.

Even if you must prepare dinner, turn it into a fun lesson activity with your child. You can add some math lessons or reading lessons while you and your child cook. It’s also best to give your children homework assignments to do and maybe have your child learn in a teaching computer program, so your child will still be active learning while you’re busy at work. There is different software you can take advantage of while you’re working, and your child is at home. Consider using Trello and have assignments place on there with due dates, have your child complete the assignments when your child does complete the duties around the time they’re supposed to. Check the tasks and give feedback to your child. This app is available as a desktop, and you’re also able to download it on your phone/tablet.  In this way, you’re still able to do schoolwork with your child while you’re at work, even if it’s for a short period. Whatever isn’t covered can be covered when you’re out of work.

The homeschool experience, while being a full time or even part-time worker, is an experience that will take a lot to get used to. Still, it can also be an enjoyable experience for you and your child, as you will feel closer and will learn many things together. Planning the schedule is something that will help you align not only your task but also the homeschool lessons that you will be teaching your child. You can revolve schedule around your work time and place breaks throughout the schedule that you feel would be fit. The best thing to do when it comes to testing this out is to have a rough draft schedule to see if the time frame you have placed for yourself, and your child is the right time frame for you. So, you could consider that part of a test trial. That way, you would be able to find the best time for specific activities and break for you and your child when it comes to the homeschool experience. I wish you luck finding the best solution for you and your child; I want you to know that you’re not alone and that this platform is here to provide you with support with answers. has a complete list of support groups to help support you in your homeschooling endeavors and connect with homeschoolers near you.   You can search the list of support groups here:

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