Without really noticing, the ways in which kids grow up is ever-changing, even within generations. What was once the things that every child went through while growing up is quickly becoming obsolete to most kids today. 

Back in the Day…

Something as everyday to adults like a rotary phone, is confusing and new to a young child or even a teenager. Piling into the car and having your kids asking, “Are we there yet?” is also losing traction as there are many distractions available in-car with tablets, phones, and even TV screens on the backs of car seats. Kids can keep themselves entertained for hours on end, leaving you some peaceful driving time for once!

There may still be kids asking their parents “Why is the sky blue?” and other such random questions, but this is also quickly disappearing. Kids have instant access to any question they may have, being able to ask Google or Siri, or simply look it up themselves. As soon as a child has a question, they can simply help themselves to the answer without needing to ask their parents. We may start to feel a little obsolete ourselves! But all the simple questions and curiosities that would make your children previously strike up a conversation can now be answered and even further researched as much as your child wants! 

Staying In for the Night

Whenever a parent would say we’re “staying in for the night”, that usually meant nothing new was going to be happening. Maybe play some cards or watch TV, but nowadays there’s a never-ending supply of entertainment! Movie theaters aren’t the only show in town, with many new movies streaming in home devices and apps. If you don’t feel like leaving the house, you can still watch that newest blockbuster and enjoy some popcorn. TV has also changed drastically as families can binge their favorite shows unlike the yester years of having to wait a week till the next episode.  

Staying Focused

Many kids today are definitely more in tuned with their emotions and physical connectedness as well. Youngsters and teens alike are growing up in more open-communication families, being able to express their emotions more often. They are also participating in more thought and energy-based exercises, such as yoga and meditation. Kids are realizing at an earlier age the importance of staying grounded and focused on what they need mentally and physically to be happy and more balanced. And that’s something we can all be on board with!

Katie Kyzivat