If the last year or so has taught you as a parent anything, it’s that resiliency matters. Jumping into homeschooling for your children at a moment’s notice due to Covid-19 last year made you aware of so many things. Your adaption to change, your children’s adaption to change, learning to grow, and fortitude in getting your children the education they need and deserve. Now that you’ve all survived the first bumpy year, are you planning on continuing to homeschool your children? With the chance to plan and figure out which curriculum works for you and your children, it’s even easier to get started! And Global Student Network can help you every step of the way.

What We Offer

Getting “thrown to the wolves” so to speak last year may have left you with little options in searching for proper teaching materials. Your children’s schools obviously got you set up with the necessary tools and schoolwork your children needed to continue with their education, but it may not have been 100% easy. Every child learns differently, and the curriculum they gave you may not play well to your child’s strong suits. Having a more catered and user-friendly homeschooling curriculum can help your child learn easier and faster, setting them up for success on all levels. Global Student Network offers multiple ranges of curriculum that can help your child learn at their own pace, with a variety of teaching methods. There are multiple program offerings that help your child learn, whether it’s through visual, audio, or other learning methods. We have over 2,000 courses over multiple programs to give your children the education they deserve. You can access the trainings and modules 24/7, and it is all accredited through AdvancedEd.  

Setting Children Up for Success

Whether you are new to the entire homeschooling method since last year or have been teaching your children at home for years, Global Student Network sets you up for success. You can select which grade and classes your child takes, and can set the pace of the schoolwork depending on your child’s needs. The assignments are even computer graded, freeing you up on time and giving your children instant results that they can use to continue learning. Our online enrollment makes it easy to get started, and you also have access to all of your child’s transcripts and records for easy reference. 

The Choice Is Yours!

The time is now if you’re ready to start homeschooling again for your child. September is right around the corner so it’s best to figure out what curriculum and courses your child needs. Global Student Network is only a click away, so start preparing now!

Since 2004, Global Student Network has been a leader in providing innovative online curriculum to homeschooling families and partnering schools throughout the world.  GSN offers a wide range of online curriculum options.  We have over 2000 course offerings including Honors, AP®, World Languages, and Career and Technical Education courses.  Our program has been used by homeschool families as well as public, private, and charter schools, both nationally and internationally.  Learn more about or try a demo of GSN’s curriculum here: https://globalstudentnetwork.com/curriculum

Katie Kyzivat



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