Since your child was a baby, being soothed through song, whispers, and gentle talking has most likely worked wonders for keeping them calm and happy. As your baby grew up, they will still rely on these techniques, almost more so! However you get your child ready for bed each night can make a difference between a restful or stressful bedtime. 

Calming Their Minds

Just like us adults, a child’s brain is going to be processing and going a million miles an hour. If they are watching TV or playing games or any other activity right before bed, chances are they won’t want to settle down to a quiet’s night of rest. Just having the activity end an hour or two before bed can make a huge difference, but a child may still be thinking about that game, like what they are going to do next in it. This will still be leaving a child with a racing mind, and less likely to settle down. 

Giving your child a chance to slow down, change into pajamas, brush their teeth, and then get settled into bed with a good book can dramatically help them slow down their mind and focus on something else. When you begin a story with them, their focus will be on the words and pictures, which can often be a very soothing and relaxing sound for them. Of course, specific lullabies and rhymes for younger kids can make them even more sleepy as these cadences can also help relax you faster. 

Building Bonds

Any parent knows that spending time with your child builds a stronger bond, and reading to them at bedtime is no exception. They will welcome the routine of getting ready for bed, complete with a story read to them. Routines with the same parent can help lower any stresses your child may have, which will also help them relax more and fall asleep. Spending specific amounts of time with your child can strengthen your bond for years to come!

Encourage Reading

Sometimes younger children have a harder time wanting to read books. They just want to run around and play all day! Sitting down and reading may remind them too much of school, too, and make them less likely to pick up a book on their own. Reading bedtime stories gives your children an early introduction to books, their budding imagination, and what kind of worlds exist in books. This can encourage your children to pick up books later on as they grow!

Happy reading!

Katie Kyzivat


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