Homeschooling can be a fantastic option for many families but it isn’t right for everyone. It’s best to look into the advantages and disadvantages before making the decision to homeschool your child. Here are some homeschooling pros and cons.




Education Freedom

As a homeschool parent, you get to decide what will work best for your children when it comes to their education. There are state requirements that will need to be followed, but they are generally basic and allow you to choose how and what you’ll teach. You can also choose how to best track your child’s progress in a way that they feel loved and encouraged to keep trying.

Emotional Freedom

Unfortunately, public school often comes with negative side effects like bullying and peer pressure. A homeschool environment will not have these and will allow your child to focus their energy on more important matters.

Free Time

Homeschooling allows a lot of free time in your child’s day. This means they have more time to explore their interests, hang out with family and friends, and more. This also allows families to take vacations during times that fit their schedule and even travel when they are able to balance school and trips.




Parents’ Time Restraints

Homeschooling your child takes a lot of time and effort. This will mean less time during the day for yourself, which can be draining if not managed effectively.

Limited Sports Opportunities

If your child thoroughly enjoys playing sports, they may find some restrictions on what teams they are able to play on if they are homeschooled. Some public schools only allow children who are enrolled in their school(s) to participate. This can be frustrating, but there are most-likely other options nearby.

Adjustment Period

Unless your child has been homeschool their entire life, making the change from a public school to homeschooling will require an adjustment period. Your child may be upset that they can’t see their friends as often or that they miss their previous life. This period could last anywhere from a few weeks to even a couple of years until they feel settled into this new lifestyle.

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