If you are new to the homeschooling game, you may be wondering where to start in all the programs, curriculum, and lesson plans. Where do you start and how do you select the best subjects and areas of learning for your children? That is where we have the answers!

First – Define Your Goals

What are you hoping to achieve for your child or children? Make sure you are taking a step back and framing what you want your child to learn this school year. Are they transitioning from a brick-and-mortar school to homeschooling? Are they struggling in their current school system and you are trying something different? Are you simply changing homeschooling companies for a different format? Knowing what you want from your child’s curriculum will go a long way in getting them set up for the school year. 

If it is a case of taking things slow for your child, or that the traditional school setting was a little stressful, make sure you do not overload them with multiple subjects and in-depth learning. Pick a curriculum that is even a grade lower if you feel they need the time and space to relearn some subjects before taking on new information. If it is the opposite, and your child is learning at a faster pace, make sure you are picking subjects that are more advanced or cover more ground, or they may be getting bored or frustrated with the schoolwork as well. 

Have the Right Tools

Once you have defined your goals and you know what you want your children to learn, the next step is making sure you select the right tools for the job. If you are picking out homeschooling curriculum, is everything going to be included? Is it interactive enough for your children or will you need to do additional projects? You may want to incorporate different media styles into the learning as well, such as videos, audio, memory games, reading and more participatory curriculum. You do not want to start the first day of homeschooling running around trying to get everything organized and projects made!

Picking the Right Curriculum

Now that you have your goals and tools prepped, picking the right curriculum will become much easier for you! You will have a deeper grasp of the information necessary for your children to learn at their best, and that will show you which curriculum will be enough, and which ones will require a little more sweat and time out of your day! If you want less stress and more subjects prepped for you, then Global Student Network may be the answer! They have thousands of courses that are self-paced and can be accessed at any time, so your children can learn when it is convenient for both of you! Learn more at globalstudentnetwork.com!

Katie Kyzivat