In an ever-changing world, it may seem like your children adapt to changes 24/7 without so much as a hair of stress, but it also can’t hurt to stay connected with them through certain changes to ensure they really are processing them correctly. 

Uncontrollable Changes

It is much easier to accept changes that are happening globally or that are maybe too big to process for some kids. Depending on their ages, they may not fully understand what the changes or how it can affect them now, or into the future. Make sure to sit down with them and ask for them to explain the situation as they see it, so you have a better idea of what they are comprehending. Your teen may be upset by limited social media time or even something as big as global warming, but do they fully understand the reasoning behind it all? Make sure to take the time and explain why certain things are happening in the world today, and keep having those conversations to ensure your children are understanding where they stand in these situations.

The same can be said for learning as well. A new school year is obviously going to be nothing but change, especially if they are moving to a different school or different teachers. Technology is also contributing to differing ways of teaching, and the future workforce. This in turn can cause a lot of pivoting for older children when it comes time to think about what they want to do upon graduation. Anything can change at a moment’s notice! 

Changes at Home

This is especially true at home, where the rules might have changed or there is a bigger change, such as an older sibling going to college, or their grandparents are now moving into the house. Make sure they understand the Why of the situation, and how they can better prepare themselves for the changes. People as a whole are reluctant to change, and are always uncomfortable around it, even though it is ever present! Make sure your children understand this concept too, so they do not feel like they must hide their feelings or discomfort through any type of change. Realizing that it is normal to feel differing emotions during changes is a good awareness to have at a young age, so do not feel like you are throwing too much at your kids! 

Preparing your children for any and all changes, and the emotions within those changes, can make a world of difference in how your child can embrace change and look forward to the future!

Katie Kyzivat