If you are homeschooling your children or child, you may feel like there are tons of resources available for teaching methods, curriculum, and more. How do you narrow it down while also knowing that your children are receiving the correct line of learning? 

The Power of YouTube

There are multiple resources you can use as buffers and to drive a point home. You know you want to use reliable resources and not lead your children astray with ads or misinformation. But simply searching for teaching tools online can also feel like you just opened Pandora’s Box! YouTube can actually supply quite a few intellectual videos and resources, as long as you do not simply pick the first video available. They have many tradesmen and women who are prolific in their various careers, and they use this platform to show off their knowledge and skills. If you have a crafty or very hands-on child at home, finding tutorials online through YouTube is a great resource!

There are also a lot of really great space and science videos and resources as well. There are some channels that are much more authentic and truer to science in their storytelling, but present it in a much easier to understand format. These videos are also available on YouTube and can help your child if they are struggling to fully understand some of the harder subjects in school, such as science, math, and planetary sciences. 

Homeschooling Resources

If you feel that the curriculum itself is lacking with your in-home learning, then maybe it is time to check out Global Student Network! They offer a plethora of homeschooling curriculum and teaching resources and tools to give your child the ultimate learning experience. Everything can be done through their website, globalstudentnetwork.com. Your child can access their schoolwork anytime of the day, making it a breeze if they have a particularly busy day and cannot get to their schoolwork until later. 

There are hundreds of courses and ways for your child to learn, all from the comfort of their own home! Your children can take tests and exams through the curriculum, getting instant results which can help you plan out the next steps in their learning journey. There are multiple learning styles as well, making it easy to find what works for your child to learn and create at their best. Visit globalstudentnetwork.com today!

Katie Kyzivat