As you’re considering transitioning your child from the public/private school to homeschool, you’re probably wondering how you would be able to keep the activities that your children love doing in school, at home while you’re homeschooling them.

Schools offer classes that deal with activities such as art, music, P.E, band, chorus, workshops, etc. I would like to inform you that there are ways that you can keep those activities going for your child. Especially if your child enjoys those activities as well, you can even join in with them.

When it comes to art, although your child won’t be physically in the art class that they had looked forward to going to, they can still do their artwork at home. How so? You, as the parent as well as the new homeschool teacher, could purchase the art supplies for the child. There’s plenty of places where you can buy art supplies that will fit your child’s needs when it comes to that field. You can look into online stores such as Amazon, or purchase the art supplies in Michaels art store as well. Turn into a fun experience with your child by inviting your child while you buy these items online or in-store. Ask your child what items they would like to get for their at-home art class.

When it comes to P.E, the central part about P.E classes is to help the children with being physically active. You can continue that process at home with your child. This process can be a benefit to you as well, see it as your child becoming your new work out buddy. If you have any electronic devices, which I’m sure you do because (How else would you be reading this?) There are apps and programs that you can find that can help you when it comes to the P.E homeschool course. You can even download an app on your phone that keeps track of you and your child’s workouts, runs, calories, and the health of your heart. Your child might even come to enjoy these, especially on the fact that this is an activity that they can do with their parent.

When it comes to music, music classes were always my favorite when I was in school. The ways to keep your child still getting the same benefit at home as they would have had in their music class is by making a music routine for your child and you. Consider printing out music sheets that have lyrics with them. You can even invest in a keyboard where you and your child could learn how to play together while you both sing the words to whatever song you two decided to choose for the music class session. It’s a learning experience, but it will be a fun one that you and your child will look forward to doing.

The workshop class session is sessions that I have done with my nieces and nephews. I find myself enjoying these classes, and I believe most parents would find themselves enjoying them as well. With these workshop sessions, you can build bookcases with your child, nightstands, computer desk, measure woods, do some woodwork around the house, or simply making items that you’ll need for the home. It’s an experience that anyone can join in. When it comes to the band class, if you were ever interested in learning how to play an instrument, what best way to learn on how to play that instrument but with your child who is also learning that instrument as well.

I know transitioning from school to homeschool is a challenge, but it’s a challenge that can be fun to get into and something that you will find yourself overcoming. It’s also an enjoyable experience that will have the bond you have with your child, become a stronger bond. Don’t think that you won’t be able to do these activities, because you’re able to. All you have to do is get ready and prepared for them.

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