Whether your kid is small or old, these crafts are sure to be enjoyable for all ages! And you do not have to worry about needing a lot of supplies either, making them an easy go-to for when your kids are bored and wanting to do something spooky!

The Versatility of Popsicle Sticks

You may remember making all sorts of crafts with popsicle sticks growing up, and your kids can do the same! There are a bunch of fun craft ideas you can make with popsicle sticks, especially for Halloween! You can buy a big bag of sticks at any craft store, and any other decorating items you may need, such as paint, brushes, glitter, googly eyes, and more! You can make a spooky haunted house by gluing the sticks together in a straight line, then cutting the shape of the roof on the top portion. Your kids can then decorate it however they choose! You can easily make ghosts as well, by staggering the popsicle sticks while gluing them together to create a more rounded top. You can even make witches, bats, cats, mummies, and pumpkins very easily too! The possibilities are endless with popsicle sticks, and your kids can create a lot of different designs and characters too!

Getting Creative with Cardboard

Do you have a bunch of toilet and paper towel rolls leftover? Then put them to good use and make crafts out of them! Your kids can paint them to become whatever they would like, including cats, pumpkins, vampires, mummies (especially if there is a little paper towel still stuck!), witches, Frankenstein monsters, and more! Make sure to stock up on googly eyes as your child can create any creature they put their minds to. 

 If you have been getting a lot of deliveries recently and have an excess of cardboard, then it is Halloween decoration time! Turn all that cardboard into a big haunted house your child can play with like a doll house! The basic square shapes of most boxes make it easy to just deconstruct them and cut away the parts for the roof and windows. Your kid can help glue the pieces together to form a whole house, whether it is a one or two-story construction. Then they can get set painting and decorating the house, and of course any backstory on it, such as it being haunted! They can even make ghosts and other creatures or people out of cardboard to play with after it is decorated. Your kids will have a ball with this haunted house!

Katie Kyzivat