Homeschooling or in-home learning can be exciting! You may be wondering how to even begin the
process! But don’t worry, there are multiple ways to make the most of this exciting way to learn and
forming great online classes is just one small way to get the ball rolling.

Set Goals

The very first step in developing a class for your child is to set goals. You may need them to take an
English course, but do you want it to be more on the creative writing side, more of the literature side, or
even more on the grammar side of things? You may even want to combine all three in smaller chunks
for your child to learn more rounded than usual. It’s entirely up to you and what you need your child to
learn. Some children may pick up on certain topics or subjects quickly and need less time learning, while
others may need a whole course on one small topic. But knowing what you need to have taught to your
child is always the best way to start.

Choosing a Structure

Most homeschooling modules have most of the legwork and coursework laid out for you! But if you
want to really cater the material to your child’s needs, there are some modules available that let you be
more specific in what they are learning. Be sure to know how you want to go about teaching your
children at home, and what environment they will do the best in. If a module filled with PowerPoint
presentations is how your child works best, then pick a module or structure that highlights that the best.
If one of your kids falls asleep at the beginning of a PowerPoint, then you may need a more activity or
project-based module to keep them active while learning.

Getting Your Footing

If you feel overwhelmed on where to begin or how to structure your children’s coursework, try Global
Student Network! They offer 100s of school modules and coursework options to fit your child’s every
need in multiple subjects. Better yet, your children can access their schoolwork any time of the day or
night, meaning they can complete their work that fits all of your schedules. Global Student Network also
gives real time answers to in-schoolwork quizzes and tests, letting your children see exactly how they
did and how you both can work on the next task on hand. Visit today to get

Katei Kyzivat