Although summer brings thoughts of swimming pools, sunscreen and ice cream, it’s also hot! With the arrival of fall, you still get to enjoy the great outdoors without removing layers throughout the day! If you’re looking for fun, cool weather activities your kids will enjoy, we got you covered!

Building Birdhouses

If you have a creative kid at home and that’s itching to do something with their hands, what better activity than woodworking? Some households may not have the full capacity for cutting and measuring wood, but there are always ways you can go about it depending on your available space. You can get wood that’s already pre-cut and smaller, so you’re doing more of the assembly, or simply going out to your local hardware or feed store and buying one. The choice is yours! And it doesn’t have to stop at birdhouses, either. You can build fairy houses for your garden, enclosures for outdoor or community cats, compost bins, and more! If you’re in need of furniture indoors, too, feel free to make toy bins, storage bins, cutting boards and many more necessities! 

Tending the Garden

Spring and summer are the obvious choices for planting and beginning your garden. But it doesn’t stop there! Many flowers and plants continue growing well into the fall months, and require TLC throughout. Your garden may need some weeding done, laying down more manure, or trimming down or back of some plants while others may be living in their shadow. And remember to pluck a few flowers for inside the house as well! No matter what your garden may need, enlist the help of your kids to make the work go easier and to enjoy a little sunshine without too much heat. 

Apple Orchards

Although you may be a little early, it’s never a bad idea to start thinking about visiting a local orchard! Most orchards will have more than just apples, although that’s always the best part. Fill up bushels on your favorites, and don’t forget some to bake recipes with, like apple pies, torts, tarts, empanadas, and more! Apple orchards will also have their own ample supply of goodies, so you can always stock up with one of their desserts, along with jellies, jams, other fresh fruit, chocolates and confectionaries. The orchard will most likely have hay rides, corn mazes and other activities going on too! And the closer to Halloween, they will have haunted activities as well as pumpkins for sale too.

Katie Kyzivat