If you think community events only center around board meetings and other bureaucracies, think again! There are always community events carrying on that are super inclusive for kids of any age, all you have to do is look! Whether you want to get more involved to make more friends for both you and your kids, or if you want to just experience what your hometown has to offer, the community events calendar is the place to go!

Get Togethers

Checking out your community events calendar is super easy as most towns have them available online. You can even sign up through email and receive them on a monthly basis. Some systems may send out reminders of the upcoming events, or have you register for the events themselves. Most activities will be free and open to the public, though, and all you have to do is just show up! 

Your local library is a great way to get out and interact with other families. They host a plethora of reading clubs and read-a-longs for kids of any age. They also have adult book clubs and activities for teens throughout the month, in case your teenager at home is telling you they are bored! If there are parents with kids that you keep meaning to meet up with, set a time at the library for one of their activities or simply as an easy meeting place. 

Getting Out & About

There are great volunteering activities you can do in your community with your children as well. You can help clean up a specific park or neighborhood as it is scheduled, or volunteer at your local animal shelter. You can also have your older children help you at your local food bank or pantry, where you can help serve meals to the struggling population or prepare food that goes out to the elderly (or even help deliver it!). 

Most cities small and large also have many activities throughout the summer months when school is out and the weather is nice. They may host community garage sales or bake sales, where you can participate in them or simply check out the items with your kids in tow. They may have art shows downtown or craft fairs if your children are starting to get into that too! A lot of smaller towns also host a long weekend celebration, usually centered around a local favorite. It can be something like the town’s flower, an old business that created the town, or just a local county fair. It may be a Petunia Fest or Train Fest, but it all revolves around coming together as a town and celebrating everyone who makes it unique, so head on down with your children and make it a part of a new tradition for them!

Katie Kyvizat