No matter the age of your children or single child, the choice to change schools can happen at any given time of year or age. There are a multitude of reasons for deciding to find a better or different school, and it can be a fun and challenging time figuring out which school is best overall. 

Start with the Basics

First of all, it all boils down to why you are making a switch or finding the perfect school for your child’s first year. If you are changing schools because they do not offer the programs, extra-curricular activities, or just the right education for your child, then these are going to the priority in choosing the next school. If your child is very academia enthused, then a top rated school (especially in a specific subject that your child is excelling in or excited about) will most likely be your top choice. If your child is above the average in science, let’s say, and their current school is lacking in this subject and activities around it, then a top-rated school in their STEM program or basic science is the way to go. They will have programs that are more catered to your child and can help them excel in the area they are most interested in. 

It may not be a specific subject but maybe the extra-curricular activities are lacking, such as sports, arts, and drama that your child so desperately needs. Finding a school that caters to the athletes or the drama aspect can help charge and boost your child to excel in all subjects in school since they are expressing themselves properly. Or it may be that your child simply is not happy at their current school, whether it be that they are getting bullied, are not learning well with the current curriculums, or just do not feel that they fit in. There is bound to be a school that fits your child’s needs!


And if you both are struggling to find that special school that can help with whatever your child needs, there is also the possibility of homeschooling your child or children. You can create a curriculum more specific to your child’s needs or pick one from many different offerings online. Most (if not all) of the schoolwork is done online, set to the pace of your child, so they can take as long or as fast as they want to accomplish their schoolwork. Global Student Network offers all this and more! With an extensive array of subjects and curriculums, your child is able to do all of their schooling from home, with 24-hour access. Visit to find out more!

Katie Kyzivat