Blended learning existed before Covid-19 changed the school system, but many schools weren’t really pushing this type of learning until now. Many people, teachers and parents both, who felt that education is best in person, but that’s not always the case. Children learn best when it’s more catered to how they learn, whether that’s more in person or from home and online. With blended learning becoming more popular and normalized, is this going to be the new classroom from now on?

What Is Blended Learning?

Blended learning involves both in-person and online schooling methods to teach your children at their best level. The ratio for both of these manners will differ from student to student, depending on how your child learns best. It’s also called “hybrid” learning, and gives children the best of both worlds in giving them social interactions while also focusing on their schoolwork at home. Since the dawn of the Internet, blended learning was only a matter time, especially with higher speed Internet availability and ease of access for more families. Since 2000, online learning has grown over 900%, and will most likely triple until 2025. 

Benefits of Blended Learning

Obviously, having a hybrid learning system will make grading easier for teachers, but also for the students. Taking a test and getting immediate results can help students tremendously, whether they did a good job or not on the test. Teachers will be able to see who’s doing well and who needs a little extra help, and will be able to supply that assistance faster, rather than grading papers day in and day out. Some of the materials being taught will be easier and even possible with the use of online learning. Depending on the subject, there might be some subjects that are hard to articulate to students and get your point across. But if you can bring up a diagram, picture, or even a whole curriculum online that can help children see what you’re teaching, it will help tremendously! 

The Future of Blended Learning

As it stands right now, blended learning is definitely here to stay. With technology making huge advancements, on top of improved connectivity for Internet, it’s even more accessible to a larger group of families and communities world-wide. With the United States getting thrown into more online learning these past few years, it’s given us a good chance to figure out the kinks and how we can even improve the systems in place. For the immediate future, it looks like blended learning is only going to gain momentum and reach more schools.        

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Katie Kyzivat


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