There are many benefits to owning a laptop and/or tablet while in college. Here is a detailed list of these benefits and how this might help students who are deciding whether or not to switch from a desktop or public devices (such as library computers) to laptop and/or tablet of their own.

1. You can take your work with you, wherever you are.

Although this may be the most obvious of the benefits, let’s break it down in reference to college students. There are several things that college students are expected to do that may require them to do their work in different locations. There are group projects, where you may meet in person, at a local coffee shop, or at one of the group members’ homes. Assignments may also include interviews of local business owners, reviews of local stores and/or restaurants. All of these assignments are examples of how owning a portal laptop and/or tablet would make these requirements much easier to complete.

2. The ability to quickly reference assignments or important information

I remember my laptop being a saving grace in times of stress during my college years. I may have forgotten when a paper was due, what time I had a meeting with a professor or classmate(s), what my Student ID number was, etc. Having a laptop and/or tablet with you at all times makes these worries vanish. Students can pull out their devices anywhere and access this information whenever they please.

3. The capability to save your work in one location, and continue/complete it in another

This benefit is usually overlooked. When working on a desktop or a public device, students would have to email the work to themselves so that they always have it with them no matter what device they are working on. However, owning their own laptop and/or tablet will allow them to have unfinished work all in the same place. For example: if they start an assignment at 11:30 and only get about halfway through it before going out for lunch, they can leave their work on the device, pack up their laptop and/or tablet and take it with them to their lunch location. There, they can continue their work exactly where they left off. This scenario would not be allowed with a stationary desktop or public device.

This helpful resource shares information on the leading online schools that give tablets and laptops to their students, offer things to consider before buying a laptop, minimum technology requirements of those college programs, FAQ’s and much more! Check it out here: Online Colleges that Offer Free Laptops or Tablets


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