Every parent has most likely done the pro and con list over public school versus private school. There are a lot of factors involved in determining whether it’s right for your child or children, and when to start. There are of course positives and negatives for each type of school, and only you and your family can decide which one is best for your children’s education. Many people automatically assume private schools are going to be the best for their children, but they have clear advantages for particular areas.

Advantage #1: Smaller Classes

When most parents think of private schools, they automatically know it’s going to be smaller classroom sizes. This is a huge advantage for some parents and children, as this will mean your child will get more one-on-one time with their teacher. They may feel less shy and reserved with fewer students, and participate more during classes. Having smaller classes is typically the most sought-after factor in schooling. Having smaller class sizes and more attention from the teacher can really help your child blossom, feeling heard and understood in their classroom setting. This can set them up for success as they age and enter the real world, too. It can help them develop a love of learning that can continue on through all of schooling and after graduation. 

Advantage #2: Choices Upon Choices

Another huge advantage of private schools that parents seek is their choices in learning and values. Some private schools will pay particular attention to certain school curriculum, like the arts and theater, which can help build upon what your child already loves about school. This can also help your child grow to appreciate schooling and learning, letting them get excited for school. Private schools also cater to a wide range of ideals and values, making them the best choice for your children’s education. A private school could be co-ed, single sex, religious, boarding school or a day-school to fit your schedule and values. Private schools will have their own mission and philosophy, making your selection easier when it’s specific to your needs and values. 

Advantage #3: All Around Dedication

Many teachers at private schools are highly educated, often holding advanced degrees. Teachers are passionate about their students, and want them to succeed, often forming friendships and mentorships that can carry all through the schooling year. Not only do the teachers put their best foot forward, but the curriculum also brings its A game. Of course, public school teachers give their best, but public schools are often underfunded, leaving little budget to help them reach their student’s potential. Private schools, however, have the funding and budget to provide a wide range of educational materials. This will often include Advanced Placement courses, gifted programs, International Baccalaureate program, and even more extracurricular activities.   

No matter how you decide, you’ll know you picked the right school for your child’s education!

International Virtual Learning Academy is an online private school that allows students to choose their own educational path while meeting the expectation of a larger future. IVLA provides experiences beyond the traditional classroom; allowing students the freedom to meet their personal goals. Learn more about online learning at IVLA, the services we offer, and our accreditations at www.InternationalVLA.com.

Katie Kyzivat

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