Has your work schedule kept you guessing every since Covid hit? Not only did the school system get a shock when everything had to switch to in-home learning, but your workforce may have also had a huge change. Whether your work schedule keeps changing or is now hybrid, it is most definitely a change in your schedule, and thus a change in the way you can best help your children with their schooling. 

Always Changing

Your work may have gone the full remote route during the pandemic, and may have continued on this trend for the last few years as the situation was ever-changing. Some places had people returning to their work buildings too soon, resulting in more sick time and leave. For some, workforces even went fully remote and stayed that way long term, making it easier for parents to juggle their ever-busy schedules. 

But as the new norm is shifting and relaxing for the most part, some workforces are re-evaluating and may be requiring you to return to the office or at least partake in a more hybrid approach to your work week. You may work a few days at home and then a few days at the office, depending on your place of business and when people may need you. This can offer some relief from the hustle and bustle of the office life, and also help you to stay organized with what your kids need on a daily basis. We all know how tricky it is to balance dropping kids off at school, picking them up, and coordinating any sport meet ups, time with friends, or other extra-curricular activities. 

Staying Organized

If your work schedule is going to be fluctuating or changing frequently, remember that staying organized will be the key to keeping everyone (including yourself!) happy and stress-free. A calendar is a great way to keep everything on track and double checking with your children as the activities are coming up that they are still on and whether anything needs to be prepped beforehand. You can pick a paper calendar that lives on the fridge or other main area of your house, that way your children can add things as they come up. Or you can also utilize the calendar on your phone to stay up to date on everything on a daily basis. No matter how your work schedule may change or adapt over these coming months or years, just know that you got this! 

Katie Kyzivat