Living a healthy lifestyle can be challenging under normal circumstances, and even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are a few tips for keeping your family healthy — without losing your mind!

Make Sure Everyone Drinks Plenty of Water

Most people don’t drink enough water during the day, and dehydration can lead to everything from lethargy to a bad mood. Encourage your family to carry around a reusable water bottle so they always have access and keep ice stocked in the freezer so everyone can get a refreshing glass when they want one. Having some healthy drink options, like coconut water or carbonated water, in the fridge can make drinking water more exciting.

Emphasize Hand Washing

Washing hands frequently during the day is one of the best ways to minimize germs around the house. If you have a child who struggles to remember the importance of handwashing, try to make it into a fun activity that they’ll look forward to. Created a hand washing chart that they can check off every time they wash their hands with a small prize after a certain number of times. Putting up hand washing posters in the bathroom can also serve as a reminder so you don’t have to hover outside the door and listen for the sound of the sink.


Take Daily Walks

With everyone stuck inside, it can be difficult to come up with exercise ideas. Going to daily walks with the family is a great way to get out of the house, get some fresh air, and get the heart pumping. It also allows your family to talk and bond together.


Eat Lots of Fruits and Vegetables

Eating a balanced diet is a cornerstone of physical health. One of the simplest ways to keep everyone healthy is to incorporate a variety of fruits and vegetables into their diets. If you have a hectic schedule, preparing healthy meals every night may be impossible, so just do your best. Instead of preparing ultra-healthy foods three times a day, start with incorporating one extra fruit or vegetable into a recipe. Try making smoothies with a handful of cauliflower thrown in or macaroni and cheese with some squash blended into the cheese sauce. This will add extra vitamins and minerals to everyone’s diet to help ward away viruses and illnesses.


Prioritize Bedtime

Getting enough sleep at night is crucial for your health. Again, it can be impossible to stick to bedtime every single night but there are a few ways you can help your kids wind down every night. Stick to a regular routine for both you and your kids — they don’t have to know you stay up in your room to all hours of the night, but they’re more likely to stick to bedtime if you do too. Start winding down an hour before you want your kids to fall asleep. Reading a book together and playing some meditation music can help your children feel relaxed and hopefully doze off for some healthy z’s.

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