Homeschooling is a fast-growing trend in the United States. Whether you’re online by choice, out of necessity, or still considering your options, here are some of the best resources for new homeschoolers.

Home School Legal Defense Association

If you’re concerned about developing a curriculum that will meet state requirements or have any other legal question, this website is here to help you out. A nonprofit organization since 1983, the Home School Legal Defense Association will help you make sure you’re not going to make any legal schooling decisions that will negatively impact your child later on.

Online Curriculums

Once you’ve decided to homeschool, you’re going to need to select a curriculum for your child to follow for the year. There are many options available, so take your time to find one that looks like it’s going to best fit the needs of your child and your lifestyle. Programs like Oak Meadow focus on harnessing creativity and the arts while Moving Beyond the Page is great for critical thinkers. You can even find curriculums that center learning around Christianity and religion.

Since 2004, Global Student Network has been a leader in providing innovative online curriculum to homeschooling families and partnering schools throughout the world.  GSN offers a wide range of online curriculum options.  We have over 2000 course offerings including Honors, AP®, World Languages, and Career and Technical Education courses.  Our program has been used by homeschool families as well as public, private, and charter schools, both nationally and internationally.  Learn more about or try a demo of GSN’s curriculum here:

Learning Websites

In addition to a curriculum, online learning websites can enhance your child’s experience and make learning more fun and meaningful. Khan Academy is one of the most popular tools out there, but there are many options available. You can find websites, apps, and games that specialize in languages, reading, mathematics, music, and much more. Let your child try a few out until they find one (or more) that they enjoy and you know they’ll stick to.

Homeschooling Blogs

Blogs written by parents who have been homeschooling for a while can be invaluable in your experience. They provide an inside look at what homeschooling is like and often touch of difficulties or bumps in the road that professional companies may avoid discussing. Plus, they’re a great way to find a homeschooling community that you can turn to when you have questions or want to celebrate victories.

Social Media

Social media is another great way to connect with other homeschool parents for advice and support. Search the hashtags #homeschool or #homeschoolparent to find accounts and people you can follow. This can also lead you to new homeschool bloggers and online resources.

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