To people who have never experienced it, homeschooling may seem like a huge amount of work for little reward. While it is a huge amount of work (what isn’t as a parent?), homeschooling offers more perks than you might realize. Here are a few secrets homeschool parents may or may not tell you.


Homeschooling is Fun

This is the biggest “secret” of all! No matter how many challenges arise, many parents love homeschooling their children. It’s a great opportunity to spend precious moments with your children and add joy to their lives. You get to watch them grow in a safe and loving environment. And you have more time to tell jokes, play together, and have fun as a family.


You Have More Free Time

Many homeschoolers are done with their work by lunchtime. Public schools have to account for class transitions, disciplinary issues, and dozens of other time constraints. This eats up hours in the day. Homeschoolers can get to work right away and actually be productive with their time. That leaves the afternoon free for family time, extracurricular activities, tutoring, or getting ahead in school.


Some Days You Don’t Teach At All

Because you have more free time when homeschooling, you can tailor your schedule to meet the needs of your family. Instead of working five half-days each week, you can choose to school full-time for three days and leave one or two open. Maybe you want to keep Mondays open for errands and appointments and make every Friday a field trip day. Or, keep your school schedule full for a few weeks and take a full week off for a family vacation without the kids missing any school.

Every Day is Pajama Day

Feel free to stay in your jammies all day! Who’s to say otherwise? You’ll want your kids to dress nicely for going out and to occasionally make them feel more motivated to get the school day started. But it’s up to you how you dress, so do whatever feels right.


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