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Louisiana Homeschool State Laws


Louisiana Revised Statutes Section 17:4011-17:4025 state that “solely for purposes of compulsory attendance in a nonpublic school, a child who participates in a home study program approved by the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education shall be considered in attendance at a day school; a home study program shall be approved if it offers a sustained curriculum of a quality at least equal to that offered by public schools at the same grade level.” Louisiana parents who decide to establish a homeschool are solely responsible for choosing curriculum content and providing all instruction for the child or children attending the homeschool. Louisiana Homeschoolers can either (1) establish a home study program approved by the Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (SBESE), or (2) operate as a home-based private school.

  1. SBESE Approved Home Study Program – Louisiana home study programs must be approved annually by the Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (SBESE). Approval requires that a parent wishing to homeschool complete and submit an application to SBESE. To be approved by SBESE, a home study program “must offer a sustained curriculum of a quality at least equal to that offered by the public schools, consist of an adequate physical plant, and operate a minimum session of no less than 180 days” (La. R.S. Ann. Sections 17:221.3, 17:232(C) and (D), and 17:236, 17:236.1 and 17:236.2).  The Louisiana SBESE requires that application for an approved home study program must be submitted by the applicant family no later than fifteen (15) days after the beginning of the homeschool program.  Applications must include the completed home study application and a certified copy of the birth certificate for each child who will be attending the program.  According to the SBESE website, “Louisiana families typically provide this independent education through a Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approved home study program or a registered nonpublic school.”  According to the Louisiana SBESE, “diplomas awarded through an approved home study program are recognized by all post-secondary educational institutions.”
  2. Louisiana Home-Based Private Schools –To establish a home-based private school, an annual registration form must be submitted to the Louisiana Department of Education. This registration is used only to “confirm compliance with state attendance laws.” Non-public schools that do not wish to be BESE approved are required to register annually as a nonpublic school. The Louisiana nonpublic school approval process generally takes place in October of each school year and all related paperwork in due by October 15th.   A homeschool qualifies as a private school if the school has an “adequate physical plant;” has “instructional staff members;” operates at least 180 days per year; receives no local, state or federal funds from either direct or indirect sources;sdf and meets the Louisiana definition of a school.

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