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Delaware Homeschool State Laws

delawareIn Delaware, a homeschool is defined as a “nonpublic school.” Under Delaware’s “Compulsory Education Statute,” all nonpublic schools are required to offer the same subjects as provided by the Delaware public schools (Delaware Code Ann., Title 14, Section 2703(a)). Section 4103 of the code mandates that, in addition to the usual local public school curriculum requirements, all nonpublic schools must provide coursework for grades 8 through 12 in the following subject areas:

  • United States Constitution,
  • Delaware Constitution and government, and
  • the free enterprise system.

Delaware authorizes three types of homeschools:

  1. A “single-family homeschool” is a school where the parents or guardians educate their own children in their own residence.
  2. A “multi-family homeschool” is a school where the parents or guardians of children from one or more home residences educate children who are not necessarily related to each other “as brother and sister.”
  3. A “single-family homeschool coordinated with the local school district” is a homeschool that is conducted by the children’s legal parent or guardian “mainly in their own residence” but using coursework provided by the superintendent of the local school district. The superintendent is required to certify, in writing, that the student is receiving regular instruction “in the subjects prescribed for the public schools of the State and in a manner suitable to children of the same age and stage of advancement.”

All three options require 180 days of school attendance per year. None of the Delaware homeschool options require certification or standardized qualifications for teachers. None of the options require formalized recordkeeping or prescribed testing of students. All three homeschool options require that attendance records be reported to the Delaware Department of Education before July 31st of each year and must, no later than October 5th of each year, provide a statement of enrollment dating from the last day of September (58 Del. Laws, c. 494; 71 Del. Laws, c. 180, § 132; 72 Del. Laws, c. 81, § 1; 74 Del. Laws, c. 79, § 3; 80 Del. Laws, c. 27, § 1.)

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