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When Kristin first heard her son express his desire to become an actor, she wasn’t quite sure where to start or what would be the result. Yet she believed in encouraging her son to achieve his dreams so she helped him get started on his acting career . . . and what an adventure it has been! Andy Walken’s acting credits so far have included NCIS (2015) and Hallmark’s “Escaping Dad” (2017), to name a few.

This week, Kristin is about to watch her son in his biggest role to date.Andy will star as Ralphie in “A Christmas Story,” a live musical airing this Sunday (December 17) on Fox at 7pm EST. Other stars in the production include Maya Rudolph and Matthew Broderick.

As Kristin has worked to facilitate Andy’s growth as an actor, she also wanted to be sure his academic growth continued as well. She chose International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA), an accredited private online school, where Andy could work at his own pace. Kristin enrolled Andy in the gifted and talented program with IVLA last school year. She has found IVLA to be the solution that allows Andy to pursue his acting without sacrificing his learning. Andy has a certified teacher for each course who grades his work and answers his questions. He has regular opportunities to meet with his teacher and other students in an online classroom.

Happily, Andy is thriving not only as a young, talented actor but also as a bright sixth-grade student.

The IVLA family wishes Andy all the best on Sunday – Break a leg!

In addition to actors, IVLA is also the choice for many student-athletes. With an NCAA-approved program, student-athletes find they can build the academics required for NCAA eligibility while making time for training in their chosen sport.

Whether in front of the camera, on the court, or in the field, International Virtual Learning Academy helps students to learn while pursuing their dreams.

International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA) is a fully accredited private online school serving students grades K-12 in the United States and internationally. IVLA offers rigorous high school programs from which students can earn one of five diploma types. Each course is supported by a certified teacher and each student is supported by a mentor. An NCAA approved school, IVLA is the choice for many student-athletes. Unlike other online schools, parents can choose the online curriculum that is best for their student.

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