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Pedagogue throughout history has embraced structure and routine as essential to successful education. Yet anyone spending any time teaching children knows the importance of flexibility as well as structure. Online learning is a great tool for learning flexibility because it allows learning to happen when, where, and how the student or their family chooses.

Online learning empowers a flexible schedule.

Online learning allows families to determine when learning happens. Parents are able to plan their student’s learning schedule based upon physical needs or even special interests and pursuits of the student. For example, students who pursue acting or sports endeavors find they can schedule their learning around their practice or rehearsal times.

Online learning provides a flexible location.

Because online learning can happen wherever internet access is available, learning can happen anywhere. Waiting rooms, libraries, restaurants, home, Grandma’s house – school can happen anywhere with online learning! This is ideal for families who are in transition or travel.

Online learning enables flexible instruction.

Personalized learning is a strong argument for online learning. Each student is able to work at their own pace. If student needs to spend more time learning a concept or skill, they can take the time they need. If they are ready to excel, they can do so. Many programs provide a multi-media platform, from which students can view videos, participate in interactive activities, or access additional resources, keeping students engaged and motivated.

Excellent Online Learning Options

Global Student Network (GSN) has provided online learning options for homeschool families since 2004. Curricula include A+, Accelerate, Apex, Christian (Ignitia), Education City, eDynamic Learning, Gradpoint, Plato, Rosetta Stone, and Study Island. All these great options from one location! GSN offers great customer service, with enrollment specialist ready to help you select the curriculum that is best for your student.

United Digital Learning (UDL) also offers a variety of online curriculum options from one location. UDL offers curricula for a low monthly subscription, making UDL ideal for a try-before-you-buy approach to homeschool curriculum. UDL curriculum can be used for a comprehensive homeschool program or for supplementing other programs.

International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA) is a fully accredited online private school for students grades K-12. Each course at IVLA is supported by a certified teacher and each student is supported by a mentor. IVLA offers a gifted and talented program for students in elementary and middle school for qualifying students. IVLA is NCAA approved for student-athletes seeking NCAA eligibility.

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