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North Texas Natural Learners - NTNL

Homeschool Support Group in Denton, North Texas, TX

North Texas Natural Learners is a support and activity group for unschoolers and eclectic homeschoolers in the Denton, TX area. We formed in 2001 to fill a niche that needed filling - a non-religion-based group for those of us not comfortable signing a statement of faith to join a group to meet and befriend other homeschool kids and parents. If you are learning without school, or are interested in doing so, you are welcome here! As a group, we hold no religious or spiritual tenet or philosophy above any other. Families of any philosophy, religion, or learning / educating style are invited to join us for park and library days, field trips, art classes, fun and community.

North Texas Natural Learners - NTNL
City: Denton, North Texas
State: TX
Country: US
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