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DaySpring Academy

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DaySpring Academy is a church school in Alabama offering a family-based educational program for grades K-12. (Alabama Code Section 16-28-1)

We support and encourage parents to actively take responsibility for the education of their children.

Family-Based Learning is a time-honored way to ensure that children learn at their level, 
taking into consideration their maturity levels and individual abilities.  

Grade Level information is simply a myth. It only harms children when used as the only method of gauging learning.  

Instead, we encourage parents to use a broad spectrum of materials --  from traditional books to software to hands-on activities to field trips to simply letting a child direct their own learning.

Each child's learning is specific to them -- not to a system or a series of goals.  

We are radical in our stand on family-based education. We do not apologize for that.
We do not apologize for supporting parents in all areas of family life.

Our main ministry:
to help parents come out of the government-run, taxpayer-funded "schools" -- and to help the families heal from the labels used against them and the abuses of this "system".

We strongly support the abolishment of compulsory attendance in a system that doesn't work
 and produces children who dislike learning. We do not apologize for that. Not now.  Not in the future.

Please look over the information about DSA to find out if our school will fit your needs.

If, after looking over this information, there is something you want to discuss prior to enrolling, feel free to contact me.

DaySpring Academy
State: AL
Country: US
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Phone: (256) 353 2592
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