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S.E.R.V.E. Homeschool Outreach

Homeschool Support Group in Metairie, LA

S.E.R.V.E. is a charitable non-profit 501c3 organization which offers yearly membership to ALL homeschooling families.Yearly membership (35.00) is used to enable us to provide things needed to aid in service projects. We want to help shepherd the hearts of our children and model with stepping out and becoming the change that we want to see in the world. We are always seeking members who are like-minded and desire the heart to serve together in our community. We promote supporting one another on the homeschool journey, leaving all differences outside of this organization, coming together as one to serve the needs of our community. We believe that everyone can make a difference in the world and that it starts out by acting out in love and helping those in need. We want to connect with our community to gain knowledge of what various careers entail, as well as serving those who will take the time out to provide that information. We always desire the opportunity to serve and give back. We provide an encouraging supportive atmosphere for all homeschooling families in our organization. SERVE Homeschool Outreach is always seeking out opportunities to serve and better our community while also helping to support the homeschool community as well. We assist parents with providing a variety of ways to serve their community but also with educational experiences , a variety of outings, park days,PE classes for the spring and fall semester, curriculum/ educational material give away events, assistance with end of the year ceremonies, and so much more. We do our best to strengthen and build new relationships with parents, children and with our community and surrounding communities. If there is a need that we come across, we do our best to help make a difference. ​ We offer things for our members, we also serve the entire homeschool community as a whole. Find out more about things that are offered to ALL homeschoolers on our "open to all " tab. ​SERVE believes in the importance of homeschoolers standing united together on our journey of homeschooling and we are very friendly with all of the homeschool groups and we will continue to move forward because we believe that we are stronger and better together. Anything that is on our open to all tab is free to be shared with any homeschooler as well as any homeschool group.

S.E.R.V.E. Homeschool Outreach
City: Metairie
State: LA
Country: US
Website: Click Here
Phone: 504-356-3573
Email: Click Here to Email this Group

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